Magnetic Swivel Camera Base

Magnetic Swivel Camera Base


This lightweight magnetic swivel base is easy to use. It has a standard camera thread and will fit most cameras. Instantly attaches to any magnetic surface: vehicles, signposts, signs, refrigerators, mailboxes, fences, railings etc and just as quickly repositioned again and again.

It has the strength of neodynium magnets providing unbeatable, constant hold. It won't fall off.  So strong it can be used on moving vehicle. You can take video even when you are in the drivers seat.

Unlike suction cup mounts the HandyMagnet bases can be used in all weather conditions as they are not affected by rain, heat or cold  The rubber coating ensures that it will not scratch surfaces.

Perfect for videographers and photographers

Suitable for all small cameras Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pansonic, Pentax etc. If you have questions about load capabilities or anything please contact us.

We stand by our product but for absolute security we recommend a second tethering measure. IMS can not be held responsible for any damage to your equipment. Thank you for your understanding.

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